4th XV - Match centre

Sat 28 Apr 15:00 - Friendly Full time

Viva Skegvagas.

Pass me a drink please Doctor.


Away V Skegness 2’s (followed by a few drinks!!!!)


Won 15-20

Tries: Brown, Archer, Bough, Booth

Kicks: Too windy ????????????

This is what we’ve building up to all season. We all look forward to our now legendary end of season Skegness away trip (mini tour) which had to be cancelled last year for some reason or another. It’s good to win as well and the lads that came on the day just to play must be thanked for their loyalty although some stopped for a few pints before driving home. More about the night out later but first the game.

Well the scoring was started in by the manager taking a high ball in our 22 before sprinting the full length of the pitch with a wicked side step to score under the posts with an “ash splash”…………….ok that’s bull as the ball actually squirmed out from the side of a ruck about a yard from the line and was pounced on to score from nearly 22 inches out. “Don’t care. Don’t get many so take them all” was the quote following the game. Rob archer got the second following a break through the line from the immortal Bob Walker who off loaded in the tackle but Rob still had a lot of work to do and he ran a good line to score in the corner. No extras from either try but with us being 10-5 up at half time we were happy. Bare in mind we had been in Skegness for two hours and had been for fish and chips and a few pints first. Great preparation for the game.

Following a half time shot of sherry we got back to the task of playing some rugby and promptly let Skegness score twice putting us behind. We gave ourselves a verbal kick in pants and starting playing properly as we knew this game was winnable. Richard Baugh got the equaliser with a great break from our half to score under the posts. For some reason no extras again? The last 20 were quite tight but we edged it and spent a lot of time in opponents half. Big Trev made a break (for the second time but this time didn’t look for the tackle) and popped it off for Captain Sam to carry two defending player over the line with him. He’d been unlucky earlier and deserved the score. No extras yet again but to be fair our kicker (no name, no pack drill) was suffering from the wind. Must have been the fish and chips. It didn’t matter any way as this was the last play of the game and victory was ours. That’s four trips to Skegness on tour. Won two lost two. Must be two fairly even sides as there’s rarely more than a score in it.

Names of note from the game: Dan Cupit for playing a full game at tight head following Sam Hickery dropping out late with man flu. Poor lad was really looking forward to the night out too. Bob Walker had a cracker at 12 and Dan Arkwell put himself about with some good tackles. Rob Archer was covering some ground too and made a few good breaks with ball in hand. New lad Josh Spink had a good game and we hope he comes back to play next season. Joe Wing had another outing at 10 and enjoyed it more this time as you could tell. A great team performance by the lads and everyone gave it their all. As Trev said "We were Awesome" Thank you all.

Thanks for a great season lads. Been a pleasure as always and already looking forward to next season. Club dinner is on the 18th of May and you get chance to see the manager make a real twit of himself at speech time. Ticket are £15 and available from managers and captains. Be there to celebrate another great season.

Squad: 15 Ellis, 14 Sanderberg, 13 Ward-Walters, 12 Walker, 11 Fox, 10 Wing (jr), 9 Baugh, 1 Brown, 2 Currie, 3 Cupit, 4 Waude, 5 Booth, 6 Arkwell, 7 Archer, 8 Witton, 16, Holmes, 17 Davies, 18 Spink.

Now the night out? As the rules clearly state. “What happens on tour stays on tour” but as I was drunk for the most part I can’t really say what happened. I know that there were about 12 “Doctors” out that night and none of us should have been let loose with an asprin let alone a scalpel. We met in the sports bar and had a couple of swift halves. They were having a Karaoke night so some of the lads couldn’t resist the temptation to have a sing song. Bob Walkers rendition of “American Pie” will live with us forever especially as it was the full length version. Great way to start the night. Many bars followed but tackle of the day didn’t happen on the pitch. On the way to the next bar Big Trev put in a big tackle on a sign outside the amusements and it didn’t stand a chance as he left it flat. To be fair it had it coming. You don’t get in the way of Trev. The song call for the night was “Sexy and I know it” and the debagging of the manager in Boat House while dancing to it just wasn’t called for. Look forward to seeing the video footage being posted on the 4’s Facebook page. In short we had a great night with no arrests and great camaraderie from the best bunch of lads you could play rugby or go out drinking with. Oh and we all hope Foxy gets his memory back. Terrible affliction. Must have been the drink.

Next morning, thick heads intact we got up, braved breakfast and drove back to Newark to played Huddersfield YMCA who were touring and wanted to play us on the way back up north. We must be one of the few teams to tour and play at home. Once they’d turned up we got on and played in great conditions. Rain in a gale force wind is a great leveller but it was obvious that from the off that they had some first teamers on tour and indeed there were six. I think we could all tell which ones they were too. The upshot of it was that we lost 12--30 but had a good time. The game was fun but the rather brutal “Kangaroo Court” that followed was hilarious. Never seen so many naked men outside of the showers. Well done to the Newark lads that played the full game on both days.

Next season will soon be here and you’ll all be being hassled by me to play on a Saturday. Thanks for turning up this year and we’ve had the best team spirit the 4’s have ever known.




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